Knowing when to let something go is one of the hardest lessons to learn…

I just recently had to replace my monitor, and the colors aren’t quite the same on the new one no matter how I fiddle with it.  Dark colors and yellows especially.  Both are a lot more prominent than on my old monitor.  Freaked me out good and proper when I went to work on something and Ten was suddenly yellow instead of a pale pinkish tan and Jovi looked like I colored him in with a highlighter.  You guys let me know if anything I’m doing has wonky colors, okay?  Or if it’s too bright or dark.  I can’t tell if my old monitor was weird with the colors, or the new one is.

While all that was going on, Mardi Gras sailed right by without me knowing.  Whoops!  And Ten was so excited to party, too.

Next week:  Get ready for some new Bonus Page content!  I know!  It’s been so long but we’re finally going to finish up that story!


EDIT: And if you want some extra feels to go along with this page, this is the song I listened to on repeat while working on the Ten and Jovi breakdown.

EDIT II: Shades now has a presence on  I slapped a random little snippet from my own files up there just to make it visible to the public (apparently that’s a thing), but I’m hoping to get the entire fanfiction section I have set up here moved over there, and maybe even get people excited to submit new stories.  There are character tags and a rating system!  Get excited, people! 😀