Oh look… storing a big box of fireworks under the snack table where anyone could have found it was a bad idea.  Who would’ve guessed?

This week the bonus page rampage continues with Family Is page 6.  Ever wonder how the T’hyrma see stuff?  Go and check out what it looks like from Iskimy’s perspective.

This week’s vote incentive is a cutesy little thing I doodled just for fun.  I don’t know how close you guys have been watching, but I want to say yay and thank you!  This is the first time ever that Shades has been in the top 100 all month long, and most of it was spent in the 60s.  Way to go, voting people!  You rock!  😀

Also just for fun, I commissioned an artist on DA to do a couple drawings for me.  A little character sheet for Kiva and a portrait of Ten that she’s still working on.  I’ve never commissioned someone before, and the results were pretty interesting.


EDIT: I don’t have any April Fool’s trickiness for you this year.  What I do have is sleepy kittens!