Jajij’s only real preference:  People taller than he is.  It just happens to be that girls fit into that category more than guys do.

I sketched a Jovi x Jajij scenario out a about a year ago.  Jovi was originally a lot less smashed and needing a lot more convincing to get him on board the random party hookup train.   This week’s vote incentive is a portion of the original sketch.

The first Patreon Q&A is completed!  Thanks everyone who submitted questions. I think it went pretty well for a first time around.  From now on new Q&As will run in the first week of each month so keep an eye out for those. 🙂


EDIT: I added another edit by jake to the fanart page and rearranged things a little.  It’s a bit less messy now, though I’m still planning a major overhaul on that page sometime off in the future.