Cleaning up after a party is loads easier than setting one up.  Especially when you don’t really care what happens to the stuff.  Party lights?  Bag.  Table clothes?  Bag.  Plates of half-eaten food?  Bag.  Bag?  In a bush 30 feet into the woods.  Done.

The newest vote incentive… has nothing to do with this week’s page.  I just felt like drawing one of Ten’s sisters. The lyrics are from “Sistersong” by Rachael Sage, which I just love. I’ve thought of it as Kim and Rion’s song for so long that I have pre-Shades artwork and a story (in which Kim figures out mid-date that she’s not into guys and it turns into a whole awkward emotional and literal mess that Rion later comforts her about) centered around it. For your amusement, here’s the art.  You thought Ten on the hover bike was old art?  Ooooh, it gets older.  And weirder-shaped.

Also, if you want to participate in the next Patreon Q&A (or see the previous one), just donate a dollar or more!  The next one will be starting up shortly and feature who else but Kiva.  Won’t she be pleased… 🙂