Wow, did that seem like the longest weekend ever to anyone else?  You guys are coming up with some great theories down there!  You’ve come up with stuff that hadn’t even crossed my mind, but it’s great fun to read. XD

For the new vote incentive, I did a rough sketch of our new buddy so you could see how he’s laid out a little better.  The black swirly junk he’s dragging along with him tends to obscure some stuff.

The next Ixion page is also up, and marks the beginning of our foray into Vivan’s journal.  I swear it gets happier and brighter after this.  I even expect some “aaaawww!“s in the upcoming pages.

In Patreon news, I’ve started answering the Kiva questions, and will probably finish up the last of them in the next day or two.  Thank you everyone who’s been pitching in!  If you’re still on the fence about pledging and need another reason besides the extra content and sneak peeks, hey, we’re less than $31 away from unlocking the next milestone, the incentive for which is an extra update every month.  I’m guessing there’s probably a few people on here that would appreciate an extra update right about now. 😉