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Continuing the twins backlog, have a sketch of them and one of their siblings from back in 2009.  Out of all the character designs, theirs has changed the least over time.  The only major differences are slightly longer ears and differently shaped back legs.  Can’t say the same for the kilm cast!

So… when I said Friday for the Ixion update, you all really heard “when I get a chance, probably on Tuesday”, right?  Unexpectedly, my priorities have had to shift from drawing to fixing the site.  For the past while I’ve noticed the entire site taking longer to load.  I assumed it was just me and my spotty internet connection, but then I got an email saying, no, it’s running really slow for someone else too.  So… working on fixing that!  If anyone wants to drop me a quick message if the site is running particularly slow for you (or if it’s running just fine and you’re wondering what I’m talking about), it would be appreciated.  I’m trying to narrow down the potential issues from the myriad of options in the support forums, so additional information could be helpful.

Also, just a reminder that the TRIVIA CONTEST is nearing its end.  You have a few more days to get your entries in before the June 3rd deadline!