Boy, that’d probably be more concerning if it wasn’t coming from a hell monster on the losing side of a fight…

The new vote incentive is a sketch of yet another thing that the twins wouldn’t tolerate a sibling tie with despite his appearances.  Another case of playing for the wrong team.  I’ve tentatively named him Ming, though that might change.

Ixion is coming, I promise!  It should be up before Tuesday is over.


LAST CHANCE AT THE TRIVIA CONTEST, GUYS!  All entries must be in my inbox before the end of June 3rd to be considered!  Good luck, everyone!



 EDIT:  The new Ixion page is finally up.  Thanks for your patience, everyone.  Ixion pages tend to be a lot more complicated shading and effects-wise than Shades ones, and I ended up fiddling with this one far longer than I meant to.