You know, the whole soul-eater scene played out in a few different scenarios in my head.  In some versions he was a lot more blatantly unstable, both mentally and physically.  He and the twins had some jabs to throw at one another, and the possibility of a really long, barb-filled conversation, but I decided that it’d probably start boring people to watch them just circling and snarking at each other for two or three more pages, so I ended up cutting it.

Over time and in a few pieces we’ll eventually get the full story behind the link between Ten, the twins, and Mr. Congeniality there.  Not for a while, though.  Right now we’ve got a sleep-deprived, confused, terrified kid to deal with.


Completely jumping tracks now…

Who wants a chance to name a character?

I’ve been rolling a side story around in my head for a while now, but one of the main characters (the second most important one actually) remains unnamed and it’s starting to irritate me that I can’t come up with anything I like enough to use.  I fully expect this story to be something I can only peck away at bit by bit between other projects, so you likely won’t see it for a long while.  Goodness knows I’m stretching myself thin enough already.  Still, it’s been pretty prevalent in my mind lately so time to exorcise the story demons by… well, exercising them!

So, time to play Name That Shimsa!  Specifically the purple-eyed beast hugging Tattle.  That’s right.  We’re doing Tattle’s story.



Part of the issue is I have absolutely NO language rules for the shimsa yet.  All I have is a general sense that they would prefer interesting or rich-sounding names.  Ones that have a nice ring in the head, if that makes sense.  All the shimsa names I have to date so far are as follows:  Tattle, Meela, Zaroan, Sarkosa, Terran, Linyel, and Siskyel.  Other than that, it’s all throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.  If you have something you think sounds good, post it below.  Maybe one of you guys have the perfect name for ol’ Purple.