Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned panic rant.

I’m still mulling over the name options for that shimsa.  I’ve got aaaall day tomorrow all to myself for comic work, so I’m going to make myself sit down and make a choice then.

As for a vote incentive, since the voting system seems to be back on track, have another little look at some spirit guys.  They’re some of the cutest ones I’ve drawn.


EDIT:  Okay, that naming thing.  I actually can use multiple names (you’ll see why later) and a few names for other characters, so these are the ones I chose to go with…

Juecarter – modified from Melkior’s suggestion Juecartar (which will probably be further modified to the nickname Carter)

Suatalris – from Melkior (I hear it in my head as Sue-a-talris)

Carrynth – modified from J. R. Flournoy’s suggestion Carryth

Vuers – from 1800hellmo (I think this one’s my favorite)

Kylien – from Sarr

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, everyone.  This gives me a good start, and now I can actually begin writing now that I have something to work with!  Hooray!

Of course, if you think of something else you want to suggest, it’s never too late.  I can always use more names.  🙂