To be read in the crankiest old lady voice you can imagine.  The fourth panel dialogue isn’t missing any words either.  She’s just talks like that.  Vague and irritable and a little dotty.

I figured some of you might want a closer look at Old Lady Tree, so here’s a larger version with the dark layer taken off for the vote incentive.

I’m working on the shading and last minute whatnots for the next Ixion page, so expect it sometime tomorrow if not sooner.  🙂

Also, because it’s been a while and I’m being prodded to bring this up again (thank you, haha), I want to remind everyone that though I’ll never charge for the comic, I am trying to make it my livelihood.  So if you have a couple extra bucks and an inclination to help me out (and get some cool bonus content like sketches and sneak peaks of upcoming pages), please check out my Patreon page.  While I’ve got some wiggle room at the moment financially, I will have to look into picking up a part-time job again soon if things don’t pick up.  The donations I’ve gotten so far are wonderful, but as you can see, not enough to live on.

And speaking of Patreon, I totally blanked on it being a new month.  Whoops!  The monthly Q&A is up and available to everyone who has donated $1 or more.  This month’s subject:  Jovi.  😀

Thanks for reading, guys! ♥


EDIT: Okay, the next page of Ixion is finally up!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so deliberate with the wording of a character’s introduction before.  Both for limited room, and for the feeling behind it.

Also, holy crap!  The Patreon donations just took a violent leap upwards thanks to a very generous fan and we’ve reached the second milestone goal.  Get ready to enjoy an extra update at the end of every month from now on!