What?  MORE things?  Heavens!

A new vote incentive will be up shortly.  In the meantime, I did a few things around the site.

I’ve been having a LOT of Project Runway playing in the background lately while I draw.  For a vote incentive I sketched up a little thing inspired by it.   There are probably no two people LESS inclined to fashion than Kiva and Jael.  Except maybe Tathith and Don.  Hmm.  That’d be an interesting competition.


I updated the playlist page for those of you who enjoy that.  I went through and replaced all the broken links so everything works again, added a few new songs, and added a playlist for the twins.

Speaking of the twins, they’re part of the cast page now!  Finally!

Also, I added an entry to the FAQ page about Stridor’s Syndrome, right under the bit about the number system.  That page is getting a little unwieldy, I know.  It’ll be pruned down soon and certain entries will be moved elsewhere.


For those of you I was helping with various writing projects (especially if it’s through Google Drive):  If you’ve got pending questions/ideas/whatever and it’s been a super long time since I’ve responded, kindly send me a little email reminder with a way to get back to your story.  The original stories have gotten lost in my inbox backlog and apparently I haven’t been getting new notifications when you try to contact me.  I’m still happy to help.  I just need a little prodding sometimes.  XD

Aha!  Problem solved.  All ongoing stories will now live in their own special email folder so I can actually find them. Shoulda thought of that months ago!