Powerful and mysterious beings personally introducing themselves right in front of you?  Nah, let’s watch the glowy floaty things instead.  THOSE are interesting.

Bonus panel:

324 325 bridge

I’ve got SO MUCH STUFF to share with you guys today!

The new vote incentive is actually an extra panel, something of a bridge between this page and the next.

Speaking of which, I finally got around to updating my Deviant Art so if you’ve missed some vote incentives, a bunch of the recent ones are up now.

Because it’s July (crazy!) I’ve got a new Q&A available for my Patreon people.  This month’s subject:  Jael.  If you’d like to submit questions or just lurk about for the answers, all you have to do is pledge $1 or more.

In regards to the technical issues I was having earlier this week, everything’s mostly fine now.  (If you missed the drama, my hard drive died.)  I’m using a different version of Photoshop now, and I lost my brushes so if you notice things looking a little different from this point on, that’s why.  I also had to change fonts for the regular kilm speaking text, though I tried to match the new font as closely as I could.  It’s all good, though.  Gives me a reason to switch things up a little and improve what I’m doing!

Shades of Gray has just been featured as Pick of the Month on a nifty site called Webcomic Alliance.  Check out the article, check out the rest of the site – it’s a pretty cool place with some interesting and helpful articles, especially if you’re an artist or writer.

I’ve also been getting a lot of questions lately regarding social media.  Up until this point, Shades has been pretty self-contained, but with so many people expressing an interest in some sort of social media site too, I’m considering creating one.  I’m not very good at that sort of thing, but I’m willing to give it a shot.  What do you guys think you’d enjoy most?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Tumblr?  Something else?  Let me know in the comments below.

Finally, the site is fully funded to run another year (and then some!) thanks to some wonderful and generous readers.  However, don’t forget that I’m also collecting questions for the comic’s birthday Q&A!  Read more about it and submit your questions HERE!