The room and corridor analogy, while not totally accurate, is a good enough way to describe what’s going on.  In reality, it’s a bit more complicated and messy and resembles something more like THIS,except all crumpled together.  Basically hassle given form.

Before we get to the  fun stuff, I have a little request for you guys.  Part of how I fund my own advertisements is by ad revenue I bring in from running Project Wonderful ads on my site.  I imagine a fair number of you guys use ad blockers (I know I do!), but if you don’t mind, it would help me out if you could disable them for my site.  There aren’t any popups or things that play audio to annoy you – just three little ads in my sidebars under all the other stuff.  You probably won’t even notice them, and the added views will make my ad space more valuable to potential bidders.  Thank you! 🙂


All right, this should make some of you very happy.  After poking around a little, I decided to set up a Tumblr for the comic.  You can find it HERE, though I’ll be adding a button to the sidebar soon.  It seemed to be the site most enthusiastically called for, and the one that would give me the most posting options, so I figure I’ll give it a whirl.  You more experienced Tumblr people let me know if I’m not doing it right, okay? 🙂

So now that I’ve got a few places beside the main site, here’s a breakdown of what’s what and the differences between how I’ll be using the various… hmm… satellite sites?

Tumbr: A catchall for whatever I feel like posting, be it doodles, drawings, dialogue, or just things that inspire me or I enjoy.  Lots of opportunity for me to get off-topic, but also lots of fun lighthearted stuff.  I’m already thinking of doing drawings of my characters in other styles and stories just for the fun of it.

Deviant Art: More focused on archiving artwork.  It will be where I post old vote incentives as well as other artwork, some of it overlapping with what’s on Tumblr.

Patreon: Sneak peek central.  The stuff I post here won’t be available elsewhere (at least not for a while.)  Bits of upcoming pages, works in progress, and of course the monthly character Q&A.

Also, Shades of Gray got featured on ANOTHER site. (!!!) This time TGT Media.  The site has articles on everything from comics to games to movies to television.  Be sure to check them out if those sort of things interest you. 😀


Don’t forget that I’m also collecting questions for the comic’s birthday Q&A!  Read more about it and submit your questions HERE!