Surprise ninja comic attack!  The week’s updates are going to be in a Monday/Wednesday/Friday format because of the monthly extra page (thanks to all of my lovely supporters on Patreon.)   I figured the spacing would be better this way.  And bonus, you guys get two of the pages a day early!

Slowly but surely, I’m trying to improve my artwork.  The main feature of today’s page is courtesy of this wonderful tutorial I found.  A star field like this takes longer to draw than my previous versions, but it’s pretty easy to do and gosh, the final result is definitely worth the extra time.  You gotta love tutorials.  They help so much.

By comparison, the vote incentive isn’t nearly as pretty.  That’s okay, though.  It’s sort of a warm up for the next page.


And finally, whoops!  I forgot to post this the last few updates…

I’m still collecting questions for the comic’s birthday Q&A!  Read more about it and submit your questions HERE!