I had a whole chain of vote incentives lined up for the next several weeks that I was going to start today until the last panel’s dialogue happened.  The parade comment changed things. And I’m okay with that.

The twins also have their first bit of fanart, courtesy of Firecrow91.  Hurray and thank you!

All right, guys.  It’s time…

Shades of Gray will regretfully be going back to it’s previous, once-weekly updates the week after next.  Meaning next Tuesday’s update will be the last Tuesday update for the foreseeable future.

I want to give a special thank you to my Patreon contributors and Paypal donators, and a extra special thank you to my step-mom who helped me out financially and allowed me to continue working on the comic full-time for as long as I did.  (Was it really only for 1/3 of a year?  It feels like so much longer!)  It was a lot of fun, a little frustrating, and most importantly, chock-full of learning.  It may not have panned out exactly how I thought it would, but it was definitely worth doing, so thank you all so much. ♥

What’s this mean for the comic exactly?

Well, I’m planning on picking up a part-time job and a second kinda-sorta part time job on the side of that.  I fully expect to be able to schedule drawing time around those, so starting on August 15th, the comic will resume its previous Fridays-only update schedule.  Ixion updates, Bonus Pages, and additional content updates will happen when I can work them in.

(This of course excludes the anniversary stuff – I’ll have the Bonus Page short story and birthday Q&A up as planned sometime towards the end of August.)

For those of you who support me through Patreon, I’ll fully understand if you would like to edit your pledges accordingly.  I can’t fault you if you were pledging for a twice-weekly story and are somewhat discontented that the update schedule is getting chopped in half.  I’ve also made some changes to the Patreon milestone goals, none of which effect previously unlocked milestones.  I pretty much just added a new milestone and was a bit more realistic in what I could do/what I need.

And while we’re on Patreon stuff, Friday I’ll have a new character Q&A for you guys.  I’m torn between giving Ten another round or bringing in someone new.  Maybe one of the staff members?  I haven’t decided yet.  You guys have any preferences?

As always, thanks for reading! ♥


We’re getting near the end of it now, but I’m still collecting questions for the comic’s birthday Q&A!  Read more about it and submit your questions HERE!