Ahh, screw it.  I’m still working on the Q&A but I don’t want to make you guys wait for the page any longer.  Anniversary stuff will be trickling in randomly over the next few weeks.  Check the author’s notes here every so often because I’ll post updates as I finish things.



Okay, the 8 year Q&A is finally done and posted!  This was a good year.  Funny questions, serious questions, and a few answers that you probably weren’t expecting.  I even got to throw in some seldom seen faces in, like Kani and CMO Tesh.

And this isn’t really an anniversary thing, but there are three new pieces of fanart up in the gallery, courtesy of The-Unlucky-Dwarf.  Than you again!  They’re lovely. 🙂

(I know the fanart page is starting to look really… questionable in its formatting.  I’ll be doing something about that soon.)