Jeez, it’s taken a while for Luka to actually pop up in the comic hasn’t it?  So, this is Luka, everyone.  Second in command and just about done with all this in-fighting and nonsense among his staff.  Luka’s shown up once before in the Bonus Pages, and lemme tell you… he was far more relaxed before Don and Tattle were around.  Those two will send your blood pressure straight through the roof.

As requested, a link to the vote incentive, though I didn’t get around to a new incentive this week either.  Whoopsie.

I do have a new Q&A up for September, though.  I decided to give it to Trini this month, since she’s the… what, 4th character of the comic, but still largely a background character.  So my Patreon people can use this as an opportunity to get to know her a little better, or just squeeze her for information about other characters or things.  She’s a talker.

Oh and speaking of Patreon.  If you’re donating enough to get into the little Thank You banner on the side and DON’T see your name there, please send me a little message.  Patreon’s a little… lacking in ways to view who’s donating what or how many people are donating such-and-such an amount, and there’s been a bunch of pledge editing lately so the accounting’s gone all crazy…  So if I’ve lost you in the shuffle, please accept my apology for the oversight and by all means speak up and give me a name to credit in the banner.  🙂