The bathroom in Ten’s dorm is the sad kind of small.  Two bathroom stalls, a sink, and a little shelf.  It’s really more of a closet than anything else.  Good thing kilm don’t typically bother with water bathing.

In more personal news, my new job is working out nicely.  I’m enjoying it so far, and as a big bonus, it both pays enough and affords me enough time to keep up with the comic.  Assuming I can budget my time like a responsible adult (and didn’t just stumble my way into binge watching Cowboy Bepop for the first time.)

The re-balancing of my time and finances means Shades of Gray will be going back squarely into hobby status.  Which actually is a good thing.  Spending 6 months trying to use it as a primary source of income ended up teaching me that it’s not something I enjoy doing for money.  I like telling a story for the pleasure of telling a story.  I’ll be updating Patreon this weekend to reflect those notions.  There also may or may not be a sneak peak of the first few sketched pages of Spinout going up soon.  Keep your eyes peeled, Patreon people.

Also keep checking back for a new vote incentive.  I was a little late on the draw this week, but I’ll have a new incentive up at some point this weekend.

Finally, I’d like to draw your attention over to a comic called Age of Clay.  I’m not sure what genre it falls into exactly, but it’s developing into an interesting story and it has a beautiful and unique style to it.  Definitely worth checking out.