Everything is fine.  Nothing to see here.  Nope nope nope.  Now let’s leave this room as quickly as possible.

And Happy Halloween!

The voting site’s still all wonky and I’m waiting for a tech support email, but in the meantime, click to vote for when everything ticks back over and resets for November.

I’ve got a shiny new Halloween thing for your viewing pleasure, and because they’ve been left out of so many Halloweens, I let the twins just have this one.  It’s up in the holiday gallery, DA, and on Tumblr.  Ahh redundancy.

Aaand I’ve got the October Q&As posted as well for you Patreon people.  Things sort of got unintentionally creepy for one of the answers, but that’s all in line with the holiday, so…. thumbs up!

Because the end of the month is today, the end-of-the-month bonus update will be going up on Monday instead to space things out a little.  What WILL they do about Malaiki?