Ten, that is not a good hiding place.  Merely a convenient one.

I’m still waiting on some tech support from the voting site, so no new incentive, but please vote anyway!  

All right, guys.  It’s not 100% done, but the very first section of the Alien Guide is up.  It’s got all the information I could think to put about kilm biology in it, plus a few diagrams to help clarify some things.  I’ll be adding more diagrams later, and possibly moving some stuff around.  It’s still a work in progress, so if you find anything that you think needs clarifying, or want me to add something in, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to accommodate.  🙂

Already planned additions include a representative picture of kilm body types and skin colors, a more in-depth comparison diagram of male vs. female anatomy (once I figure out exactly how I want to approach that), a few diagrams of skin issues, and the guide hub page, which will eventually have links to multiple species on it.  I’m trying to decide between giving the guide hub it’s own space on the navigation bar, or just linking it off of the Extras page.  For now the kilm guide will only be accessible through the link on this page, but that’s the very first thing I intend to rectify.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading! ♥