One of my biggest pet peeves in storytelling is where entire plots are constructed around people’s inexplicable inability to talk to each other and sort their problems out.  None of that here.  Unless someone has a very good reason to conceal a problem, you can bet it’s going to get dragged out and discussed sooner or later.

Switching gears, have a wintry vote incentive!  It’s snowing and I’m starting to feel festive. 🙂

I finally got around to fixing the Fanart and Holiday Pages galleries.  They’re not exactly like I pictured them, but they’re leaps and bounds better than they were before.  The images display in a collage-like format so you’re not endlessly scrolling, and clicking on them enables a slideshow, which is neat.  Let me know if you encounter any problems with the new format, because I’m not sure how well mobile devices and tablets will handle it.  Also, please let me know if I’ve forgotten any pictures.  I think I got them all, but just in case…


December’s Q&A is up, and by request it’s Security Don!  Pledge $1 or more through Patreon to participate or to just lurk around for what will probably be highly amusing results.

QA Don

EDIT x2:

The biology section of the kilm guide has been updated with the last of its diagrams.  So, aside from some tweaks I might make to the original diagrams, I’m counting that section done and moving on.