Jovi’s not taking this well at all.

My romanticisation of winter (probably because I haven’t had to deal with snow so far this year yet) continues with the new vote incentive.  I got asked a while back whether there are albino or melantistic kilm, and the answer was no.  Those mutations, however, do exist in the Oonarian species, and are really fun to work with.  I started making this little guy an albino, but went leucistic instead because blue eyes worked better with the mood.

There will also be a new myth added to the roster either later tonight or early tomorrow morning.  It would have been done on time, but I decided to scrap the mostly complete myth I had written and start over again with something stronger.  Be on the lookout for that soon.  I’ll post an update with a link when it’s ready. 🙂



Okay, new myth’s up!  It’s kind of short, but it gives you a bit of background on the relationship between Nox and Lilith.  Click here to read!