December bonus page!

Panel six is my new favorite Jovi expression.  That one came out really well.  I’m proud of it.

Also, don’t know what’s going on with the end of the week updates.  I was all kinds of on-track with my schedule, and then some kid at a Christmas party got me sick.  And now I might have bronchitis or some such.  I dunno.  I’m hacking up stuff and running a fever and just pretty out of it, so I’m not getting much done.  I’ve got 355 half sketched and Ixion 2-6 inked, so there’s hope if I wake up better in the next day or two.  If not, then the pages will be up as soon as possible.

Happy New Year, guys.  Can’t believe it’s 2015 already.


1/8/15 Update:

Okay guys, here’s what’s up.  I’m feeling much better, and am nearly done with being sick.  I think it was bronchitis, but who knows.  Thank you for all the understanding and well-wishes!  My holiday layoff break also ended so I’m back to work.  Actually, I’m working more hours than usual because my job apparently is super busy for the first couple months every year, so I haven’t had more than an hour or two to work on the comic this week.

So here’s my revised plan, as much as I hate having the comic have this much downtime:  In order to catch back up and not create a situation where I’m constantly behind, I’m going to take this week off as well and use the time to do a bunch of stuff.  Shades will return next week (1/16) with an update, along with an update for Ixion, a new and pretty important myth, and the December Q&As.  I’ll probably have time to get some new things up on Tumblr/DeviantArt too, to tide you over, since all that other stuff is 50-70% done.  So be on the lookout for new things, and thanks for being so understanding.  You guys are the best fans anyone could ask for. ♥