The Ten/Jovi troubles never felt quite resolved because they never were quite resolved.  Nothing about failed romance is over that easily.

The December Patreon Q&A’s have been posted, though Don was predictably brief and tight-lipped on most subjects.  Never fear, though.  This month’s Q&A is going to feature someone much more talkative.  And, interestingly enough, someone who’s never had any face time in the main comic, though you might know her from the Bonus Page stories and various loose drawings.  Check back in very soon for a link to Ten’s sister, Kim’s Q&A.

Likewise, due to a time crunch (I always think I’m going to have more free time than I end up having), I didn’t quite finish up the last of the Ixion stuff in time for the Thursday night update, though everything will be up sometime on Friday.  So, technically not late.  Just… not as on time as I’d like.  The next page of Ixion just needs a few more layers of shading, some lighting effects, and dialogue added, and the myth needs polishing and illustrations added.

Until then, tide yourself over with a little sneak peek at a piece of the Ixion page.  Be excited!  You’re gonna learn some stuff about Ch’kavee reproduction and husbandry.  (The sneak peek to be replaced with a proper vote incentive after the finished page goes up.)

Check back here for pending updates, which will all be up before Friday is over: