I honestly can’t decide which panel I want to comment on most so…

Thanks for being cool about the hiatus, guys.  I kicked my sickness – viral bacterial bronchitis (jeez, brain, c’mon), it turns out, that I totally should have been on antibiotics for but wasn’t.  And after a week of being pretty okay, I’m getting sick again because apparently my immune system hates me and wants to see me suffer.  Well screw you too, immune system.  We’re gonna play through anyway.

Jovi’s heading up this month’s Patreon Q&A again, thanks to a timely suggestion.  You guys know the deal.  Pledge $1 or more to ask questions or just stalk the page for answers.  Ask away, don’t be shy.  This is going to be a quicker one than usual – questions will be picked and answers given in time for next week’s update, so don’t dawdle!

And a new vote incentive is up, too.  I’m sorry guys, I had to.  Mr. Polka-dot is the worst thing I’ve drawn for a long while, so of course I had to give you a better look at him.  In all his glory.