These guys!

Perhaps you remember them from way back when.  Or even farther back when? (Which actually took place after the events of the bonus page, even though it was drawn first.  Yaaay for confusing everyone by jumping around in time!)

Anyway, they don’t get nearly as much screen time as Kiva or Jovi, but Ten’s still been hanging out with Jael and his bunch from time to time.  And by “hanging out”, I of course mean “sneaking around and getting into all sorts of stuff they shouldn’t be.”  Of course, they’re not the only ones doing that.

You’ll see more Ten hanging out with Jael and the guys in the future.  It’s just been sorta… vaguely (maybe?) implied he’s been doing that all along, but not explicitly shown.  Mostly because it’s not super exciting, would have really slowed down the pace of the overall story to show him sneaking out every few weeks to do things with them that are against the rules and therefore fun, but still pretty innocent (ie. the hanging out in cool off-limits places). Basically it got cut for time, so that Chapter 1 doesn’t end up even more hellishly long than it already is.  So… just file that away in your heads and pretend I did a better job of covering that.  I’ll probably try to awkwardly retcon some stuff in later if I can’t work it into the Time Jump pages.

I’m also literally adding the guys to the cast page right now, because it’s about time I did that.  It’s going to be a race against time whether I get it done before the update goes live!  :O  Awww so close!  The cast page has been updated, and now you can find out more about Jak, Kep, Rus, and Serim if you’re so inclined.  They’re in the Supporting Characters section with the other students.

Happy Friday, everyone! Goddamn I’m glad it’s the weekend.


Oh and I almost forgot…  I realized that Serim’s name might not be easy to sound out because vowels are like that.  It’s pronounced Sair-ihm (like seraphim with the middle bit cut out.)  I had one of those weird falling asleep realizations the other night that it could potentially be read as sounding like “serum” and no.  None of that.