Tatith occasionally runs/suffers through optional bonus training classes for those who want a little extra help.

I went outside today and there were crocuses in my yard!  Actual flowers!  This is extra exciting because it just stopped being winter here like… a week ago.  We don’t even have buds on the trees yet, so I’m thrilled to be able to look outside and see flowers popping up.  I made a happy little drawing to celebrate.

I’m also giving Tif’s Q&A a second week to accumulate questions, so submit them if you’ve got them!

In arty news, there are two new fanart pieces added to the gallery.  Thank you chuckyzoopa and dregogg! 🙂

I also got my act together and gathered all the fanart that’s also on Deviant Art into a convenient folder, should you want to comment directly on a piece or check out other things a particular artist has done.