The way to earn Kiva’s respect is through violence, apparently.  Way to go, Jovi.  You got the Kiva Grunt of Approval for eye punching.

EDIT:  I had a bit here vaguely detailing how Jovi and Rith got so injured, but after coming back to it repeatedly and feeling more and more uncomfortable, I’m retracting it.  If you happened to see it, it’s no longer canon.  Frankly, the implications of what I wrote and the effect it would have on Jovi would take the story down a route I don’t want to go.

So I’m going to soften and tweak things a bit and just say that Jovi and Rith were just inherently incompatible and things got out of hand.  Rith misinterpreted something and tried a move Jovi wasn’t okay with.  Jovi reacted.  The rest was just a series of bad luck, confusion, and overreaction on both parts.