There are so many little things I could comment on on this page.  Too many things.  I’m going to limit myself to saying that in panel three I wanted Jovi’s dialogue to continue a bit further, but ended up cutting it short because I just couldn’t get it to sound quite right.  I figure you guys will probably pick up on the unspoken continuation there anyway.

Also, Ten panicked and grabbed juices he didn’t even want, so rather than drinking that much juice, I imagine he ended up pouring them and the dregs of his tea into one glass as an experiment.  The outcome was not tasty.  If I had the time this week, I would’ve doodled that up as a vote incentive, but alas!

I’m going to put the comic on pause for a week because, as I mentioned a little while back, I’m getting married on June 7th.  With timing and the way the story is going to go next, this is the best place to take a break to make up for a weekend where I won’t be doing much drawing.

So the comic will return on June 12th, and with it, bring us into an arc that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.  Not gonna say exactly what it is, but it’s something that some of you have been waiting for for a while now.  And it has to do with a laaady. 😉