I don’t know if this is clear enough or not, but the bunch of papers Kiva thrust at Ten and Jovi is her T’hyrian language test.  Ataessia gave it to her to take home after their talk.

If you’re wondering about the whys and hows of paper tests in this setting…

1) Digital tests can be hacked.  Attempts to use digital tests almost always end up with someone thinking they can be clever and hack into the system after the fact to alter answers or otherwise mess with things.  There’s also a possibility of system glitches or bad programming causing problems.  Paper tests eliminate these problems.  Also the kilm just have a preference for them anyway.  Something about the tactile experience of ink and paper.

2) Ataessia can’t read the tests herself, so she uses a kilm aide to help her grade the written portions.  The aide also scans the tests into a program that converts the images into somethings that Ataessia can view, should she want to, for instance, go over them later with a student.

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