I haven’t gone into much detail about Jovi’s family, but the birth order is boy, boy, Jovi, girl, girl, boy, and a seventh one on the way.  He did not grow up in a quiet household.

And while Jovi’s not inherently fighty on his own, his big brothers are and he would get swept up in the excitement more often than not.  And when the little ones decided to gang up too?  Hoo boy.  Not that any of them were mean or bullies or anything.  All the siblings love each other like crazy.  They’re just a rowdy bunch when you get them together.

Vote incentive incoming.

Okay, so I’m trying to get better at backgrounds.  This week’s vote incentive is a quick little warmup I did of a desert scene with a small caravan way off in the distance.  Deserts in particular are something I have to practice drawing, because for something so simple, they sure give me a lot of trouble.