Just a little thing to wrap this up.  You didn’t think this was just a party of three, did you?

I even doodled up a little vote incentive to give some more context to the inside joke here, just in case you’ve missed some subtle coloring on certain past pages.  (Hint: he’s just green.  That’s the joke.)  ((Don’t look at me, the dialogue was drifting either to weak puns or the twins being creepy and kind of threatening.  I chose the lesser of the evils.))

Also.  For those of you who enjoy obscure background info, get your fill of the alien guide while you can because I’m going to overhaul it this weekend.  There’s just way too much up there, so I’m going to weed out a lot of the less important stuff and see if I can’t get the kilm entry completely finished so I can look into starting on some of the other species.  I’m feeling pretty writey lately.