Yuuuup we’re doing it this way.  Because this both lets me wrap up things nicely and transitions directly into something that’s been a long time coming.

(Masha is the name of Kim’s girlfriend, by the way.  Can’t remember if I’ve said that anywhere in the comic or author’s notes before.  I know it’s mentioned on Patreon at least.)

My tablet’s being a bit of a pain lately.  I keeps doing this weird thing where in the middle of drawing, it seems to forget it’s plugged in and stops responding even though the light’s still on.  Or sometimes half forgets, and can’t handle me drawing, and just creates a weird thin line between the first point of contact I make and the last.  It’s super weird and I’ve never seen a tablet do this before.  Also super annoying because when it acts up I have to stop everything and restart my computer to get it to work right again.

Which is why the page is a few hours late and the vote incentive isn’t done yet.  Whoops.  I’ll see about getting that up tomorrow.

New vote incentive!

G’night all!