Boy, Ten.  It’s sure good no one’s comparing this letter to the first one you wrote, because your writing sure has taken a turn for the strained and forcefully optimistic.


Alright guys, some stuff:

I’ve been struggling with the comic for a bit.  Pretty much since I started up Kiva’s story a few months back.  I know more than a few of you have noticed.

For a while it was a depression issue, but now that’s over for the time being, and it’s more of an issue with my art (and a bit of my storytelling, but mostly the art thing.)  To be concise, I’ve reached a point where I’m not happy with it anymore.

Which is actually a good thing!  Or so I’ve heard people say.  Something about my eye and my skill level not matching up anymore.  And that being upsetting, because I’m basically sitting here and drawing stuff I hate because I don’t have the time to develop something better.  Which just makes it harder to want to draw at all.

So what I’m going to do about that is take a little hiatus.  I’m not sure how long.  Maybe a week?  Maybe two or three??  Basically as long as it takes for me to do what I have to do to fix this.

During this time, I want to teach myself a new way to draw and color everything, and handle pages in general.  Because the way I’m doing it now isn’t working for me anymore.  Especially my coloring methods.  Those are super limiting, and I want to figure out something better.

The first goal is to start doing everything digitally.  For 9 years I’ve been starting off with pages physically drawn on paper, and that’s not working for me anymore.  My idea is to create a master page template I can modify as needed, sketch directly on that, and just clean up the sketch and color THAT.  It might change how the finished pages look.  It might look a little rougher in places, but I’m hoping it’ll also make the poses and expressions more fluid/loose/natural, which is what I’m really going for.  Because at the moment, at least to my eye, there’s something that gets lost between my sketches and my inks, and I want to see if I can fix that.

I also want to play around with doing a better job on backgrounds, and incorporating lineart that isn’t just black.  And clothing.  Wow do I want to work on getting better at clothing.

Basically I want to take the time to experiment a bunch and find something that makes me happy and exited to draw again.

I’m not going to make any promises about what’s going to happen or when I’ll be back, other than I WILL be back and the hiatus won’t be for TOO long.

I’ll probably be posting at least some stuff to Tumblr/DeviantArt/Patreon, so you guys can see what’s going on.  And I’m going to make a POINT to actually work on the kilm guide in between drawing.  Because I’ve had that stupid page open for two weeks and still haven’t touched it because I’ve been too hung up on the art issue.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble now, so I’m gonna cut it off here.  If I think of more to say, I’ll probably post it to one of those other places.  Tumblr or Patreon, depending.

Thanks for reading. ♥