Oh I have waited so long.  SO LONG.
Granted, this would have been just… slightly more fun if there was ever any contention over whether or not the twins were actually there.  But everyone just seemed to roll with the idea that they were always an actual thing, so… haha, oh well.

Buckle in, friends.  We’re in for some changes.

(Side note: I was originally going to try to animate the last panel a little bit with some eye movement, but decided against it at the last minute.  At least on the actual page.  I’m probably still going to make it for my Patreon people though.  For practice if nothing else.)

Also!  I was thinking about maybe trying to stream a little this weekend.  Just for fun.  Would anyone be interested in something like that?  It wouldn’t be anything fancy.  Just hanging out with me (probably on Picarto?) and maybe chatting or something while I draw.  Haven’t decided what yet, either.  The next page, the desktop I owe Patreon from way back when, or maybe just some doodles/requests.  I’m open to suggestions on that too.

I was thinking of doing it around midday Saturday, but let me know what you think.  If it does end up happening (I want to do a test run first to make sure it works okay because I’ve never tried this before) I’ll post a more definite time, and the link to it here and on Tumblr.

Thanks for reading! ♥


EDIT:  Okay, I’ve got the streaming stuff set up and good to go for tomorrow!  I’ll go live at 1 pm EST (Saturday March 5th) and probably draw for a few hours.  Stop in and say hi if you like.  It’d be nice to chat with you lovely folks. 🙂

And since there’s no password or anything, here’s the link to my channel.  There just won’t be anything to see until I start streaming.