In which no one is terribly pleased.  Least of all Malaiki, who has suddenly found himself abandoned on the bed with the interlopers.

I’ve got a new desktop/two phone backgrounds for you guys!  I posted them on DA and Tumblr, since my desktop section here is a bit of a mess and I really should do something about that.  (Just linking to DA here because I’m pretty sure Tumblr resized my files.)

The Patreon desktop (owed from way back during Kiva’s childhood, so guess the theme) is like… 90% done, and will be up at some point this weekend.  I just need to either figure out how to satisfactorily draw little scraps of burning paper, or find something else entirely to put in first.

Aaand on Saturday I’ll be livestreaming again at 1 pm EST.  I made a proper playlist for it this time (so no more skipping through dozens of songs trying to find decent ones) AND I picked up a mic so I can talk to you guys and wear my comfy headphones at the same time.  Hurray for being somewhat more prepared and perhaps just a touch less anxious about the whole thing!
But really, drop in, say hi, chat, ask questions, whatever you want.  You guys are cool and I like getting to know you. 🙂