Haha okay okay, here’s the actual dialogue for 392.  Before anyone completely loses their minds or anything.  Or my face breaks from making this expression all day.

ten grin 2





Heh, but seriously.  Those were some great comments.  Originally I was going to take the fake page down after the joke was over, but I think I have to leave it up just for the comments.  And for passively pranking future readers.  And because the joke’s not over yet.

Anyway, for those who missed it, there’s a vote incentive that goes with the fake page.  Glad some of you guys found it during the 1st and enjoyed it.  I was trying to subtly nod to Pan’s Labyrinth, but I guess I was a little too subtle.  Probably should’ve had the twins call Ten Moanna or something.  😉

Anyway anyway anyway.

Come by and yell your feelings at me in the stream.  (1 pm EST)  I’m gonna be drawing bones and pointless funsy doodles and maybe some clothing junk.  And laughing.  Laughing forever.