Ya know, I was planning on having the twins just mess with Ten a little and then tap out for the night, easy peasy.  Then things… kind of took a turn.

Mostly because I happened across two pages of dialogue I scripted out for this interaction YEARS ago and couldn’t resist making use of it, albeit in a modified way.  I’ll post the original script on Pateron later this weekend for your enjoyment.  The twins’ personalities have shifted slightly between then and now, but they’re still… you know… assholes precious little gifts, so it might be worth a few chuckles.

Stream’s happening 1 pm EST as usual on Saturday.  I may do some additional random streams this weekend too because god DAMN do I need to catch up on all the things, and having people watch over my shoulder seems to be the only way to keep me from drifting off to procrastination land for days at a time.

(I mean, I’m writing and reading a bunch, so it’s not the worst use of my time.  It’s just not comic productive, and my backlog is starting to reach distressing levels so I really need to address that.)

Also, vote vote vote!  ‘S my birthday month, so it’d be pretty cool to stay in the top 100 for all of April.  I’ll have a new incentive up for you guys sometime Friday.