Vaga doesn’t have a font.  Vaga gets hand-written words.  Vaga’s not gonna have too many lines.

Thanks everyone who’s been voting and keeping Shades up in the top 100 for this whole month!  I really appreciate you taking the time to do that.  It’s awesome to see such a high ranking for so long. 🙂  Also, I think it helped a bunch new people find there way here, which is even better.  Hello new people!  Welcome to a really weird place to start reading the story!

I’ll be streaming this weekend.  Saturday.  1pm EST, perhaps a little earlier depending on when I get up.  Sorry about missing the last two weeks, guys.  I feel really bad about that.  Lots of stuff was going on and I was too busy/not feeling up to it.  But I’m back this week!  Probably to draw some lighthearted insanity.  Come stop by and say hi.  I should be around all afternoon.

Some day I’ll make a proper little banner for that thing.