Woo, okay.  So!

Sorry I was a touch late (again I know, again).  Work continues to be busy and I’ve been sick for a week now so that’s been a good time.  I’m mostly better now.  Down to the last of the blegh feelings and a bit of a cough/sniffle.  And hopefully that’ll all be gone by Saturday so I’m not gross during the stream again.

For those who haven’t seen my excitement on Tumblr, I have the next 11 days off due to a holiday layoff at my job and I’m gonna do a helluva lot of stuff for the comic with this time if I can.  Don’t know exactly what yet, but I’m going to make a list or a schedule or something and try to stick to it so I don’t just blow my vacation on internet and games like I did last time.  (haha whoops amiright?)

I’m seriously excited to be able to just sit down and get some solid work done, though.  Just… *clenches fist*  Progress is going to be made.

The weekly stream is the usual time – Saturday 1 pm EST.  I might stream randomly throughout the week too, who knows.  If anyone wants to suggest a specific time/day during the week for me to try to hit (I know a few of you want to participate in the Saturday ones but keep missing it due to scheduling conflicts), please feel free, and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Happy weekend, friends! ♥

And apologies for all the wonky perspective errors on this page.  I tried, guys.  I tried.