Good news is everyone else looks just as tired and wrung out, so Ten blends right in.  Score.

So this week in addition to the usual Saturday stream (1pm EST, and boy howdy tomorrow my #1 priority is going to be making a banner for that), I’m going to do a shorter stream Friday night at 8pm EST.  Probably 2 or 3 hours long?  I might do some experimentation with backgrounds and lighting during it, since I’ve been itching to work on that all week.  Or, you know, it could just degenerate into the usual insanity that tends to grace my streams.

(Also if you’re having trouble commenting, please leave a note in the chat box or shoot me an email or something.  I’m testing out a new spam plugin and it looks like smooth sailing so far, but there’s always the possibility of it throwing a fit for no good reason.)