Oof.  Just drawing this page made me tired and a touch anxious.  Oh finals, your days are long over for me, but I still remember you well.  Good riddance.

So… okay, first page of the new update schedule.  Already I’m thinking it’s going to help me out a lot to move the updates to Monday.  In theory, it should force me to get my page work done on the weekends when I have lots of free time, which will free up my weekdays to work on easier, quicker drawings after work.  Whiiich should both stress me out less and make me a bit more productive?  I hope?  *thumbs up*

Anyway, wow jeez it’s June already.  I’m gonna start up some vote incentives again and try to stick with it.  For this week, have a WIP of part of the massive beach party drawing I’ve been working on for the last two streaming sessions.  It’s going to be pretty glorious when it’s done.

Speaking of which, I’ll be streaming as usual, Saturday 1 pm EST.  I might try to do a weekday stream, too if work isn’t too bad this week.

And last thing, some people have expressed interest in me setting up a proper chat for everyone to use, so I’ll be looking into getting a Discord up and running at some point in the next two weeks.  Might be fun.  ^_^