And like a booze- and crappy movie-wielding angel, Jovi descends from the heavens…

It’s funny how differently people deal with massive levels of stress suddenly being lifted off of them.  I tend to gravitate towards the “unwind with nice, quiet, fun stuff” side of things.  Watching a movie, playing a game.  Just being lazy and relaxing for a bit.

And at the other end of the spectrum are people like Jovi.

(The voting site seems to have been updated and is being weird and problemy, so just in case it’s not displaying the right image, I’ve uploaded it onto Tumblr too.)

The stream is scheduled for its usual time, Saturday 1 pm.  I’m gonna try super hard to not be sick for it this time, because jeez.  I feel like I’ve been sick for the last, like… four streams and I feel bad.  Gonna drink all the OJ and get all the sleep this week.

I’m really sorry guys, but I’m cancelling the steam this week.  I’m still kinda sick, and I’ve got to spend a good chunk of the weekend job hunting.  We’ll try again for next week.