Ten’s had a lot happen during the last day or so.  He’d like a break now, please.  And sleep.  Sleep would be really nice right now.

Okay!  I finally finished converting all the pages I could to High Res versions.  Mostly for those of you interested in seeing all the little details that get lost when I shrink the pages down to their final versions.  I was originally going to use Deviant Art to host everything, but the Sta.sh had some size limitations so I ended up on MediaFire instead.

That said, I’m super unfamiliar with it.  Here’s the link to the most recent folder I set up.  I’m hoping everyone can jump to the other folders from this one, but if that’s not how it works, I’ll link those all separately.

Herp derp.  I just realized I should put everything in another folder.  Okay, here’s the correct link that should encompass everything.