There were a lot of good theories as to what was coming down the hall.  Good on the people who guessed Tattle, though!  And boy is Tattle looking unhappy.

Also, I almost streamed this last weekend, but I’m glad I didn’t.  I caught a respiratory bug at work, and I spent Saturday coughing and sniffling and generally sounding like a 3 pack a day smoker.  But!  It looks like I’m already getting over it, so I’m gonna plan on streaming this upcoming weekend.  1 pm, usual usual.

(Apparently the way to kick the sick out of me is to eat spicy Thai food and pickled eggs/garlic?  My breath is terrible, but I can breathe just fine so I’m counting it as a win.)


EDIT:  Okay, so apparently my cold was just psyching me out because I spent all last night trying to hack up a lung.  I’m still planning on streaming Saturday, but I’ll probably have to do it without a mic.