Oh gosh here we go!

It took me 10 years to get through the first chapter.  Let’s see if I can do this one in 3.  >:D

There’s not a whole lot to say about this chapter cover, so here’s a quick overview of some of the things I changed around the site:

  • The Cast page has been updated for the new year (and will get a few more updates as new characters are officially introduced.)  Everyone’s the proper age now, and has gotten an updated picture if possible.
  • I condensed and cut some stuff from the menu bar.  The Links page now contains all my various comic-related off-site stuff, as well as the playlist link.  Desktops can now be found in a gallery on my DeviantArt page, because it’s just easier to host them there. BUTTONS FOR EVERYTHING.
  • The Support the Comic page has been updated to be nicer looking, and my commission prices have been updated.  (Commissions will be reopening shortly… probably next weekend?  I’ll announce it here, on DA, and on Tumblr when I open them.)
  • The Kilm Guide now links directly to its Google Docs file.  (I’ve done a little work on it, just outlining stuff I want to cover.)
  • I finally added a fav icon for the site – would’ve done it years ago if I knew it was that easy!
  • And not quite site-related, but I’ve made some custom fonts for the comic.  Those’ll start showing up starting next page.

Some other things:

I just want to thank everyone who’s helped me out by supporting me on Patreon these past years.  I don’t advertise it as much as I probably should, but Patreon makes a huge difference in my life.  It helps me pay my bills, helps me support other artists, and helps motivate me to keep working and improving.  As always, my comic will always be free to read, but if you enjoy it and would like to show your support, I am grateful for every pledge I get.

Something is wonky with the voting site.  It’s not allowing me to change the vote incentive at all, and I’m currently waiting to hear back from them about that.  So that kinda sucks, since that image has been there since June, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.  Regardless, votes are still appreciated because the higher ranked the comic is, the more people are likely to check it out.  It’d be pretty cool if for the month of December we could keep it in the top 100.

EDIT:  We have vote incentives again!  Figured out the problem!  (Just a silly change in the form, where all the fields need to be filled out now for it to go through.)  I slapped a random image up there just to test it, but starting with the next update I’ll start doing new vote incentives again for you guys.  🙂