What, de-escalate the situation?  Nah.  Time for some good ol’ fashioned thigh chokes.

(Also, no one feels quite right about fighting Ten.  It’d be like fighting a kid.  Look how easy he goes over.)

No vote incentive this week guys, sorry.  I got sick and flagged right at the end.  Vote anyway to bolster my spirit and speed my recovery? 😀

Also, if you don’t follow me on Tumblr, I’ve made some changes to my Patreon.  There are new tiers now, and also polls for $5+ patrons to direct me on which side project you’d like me to focus on at the moment.  (Currently work on the Alien Guide is winning.)

And there will be more Patreon news sometime in the next two weeks. I’m working on a thank you present.  Shh it’s top secret.  🙂