Of yet to be introduced important characters, this is easily the one I’ve talked about the least, but boy is he gonna shake up some dynamics.  I’ll add him properly to the cast page once he introduces himself, which won’t be long. 😀

For now, enjoy this.


Alright, now it’s time for exciting Patreon news.  Got two things to share with y’all!

First, thanks to some super generous people, I’ve reached my $300 milestone, which means I’ll be rolling out a Patreon exclusive desktop for my $10+ supporters every month that we stay above $300! (I’ll release a small sneak peek of the image, and possibly a phone wallpaper to everyone though.)  The desktop will be out in the next week or two. 🙂


What’s even more exciting is that as a thank you to everyone who’s been so wonderful about helping to support me and keep the comic going, I’m going to be sending out free acrylic charms to all my $5+ patrons!

What’s that mean?  As long as you’re a $5+ patron by April 1st (and the donation has to go through – no dead credit cards, pls) I will send you a charm completely free of charge as a thank you!

I was hoping to have a mock up done by today, but sickness got in the way of that.  I’ll add one to this post in the next day or so though, so check back.  It’s going to feature Ten and the Twins, and while I plan on making other charms in the future, this one will be 100% a Patreon exclusive thing.  It won’t appear anywhere else, and I only intend to do a single printing of them, so get ’em while they’re hot!  😀

(If you’re unfamiliar with acrylic charms, you can see what they look like HERE.  This is the company I plan on using.)

And may you all have a better Monday than Kiva is.