My god, so many people on this page.  :O

Everyone remembers Jana, Kani, and Tav, right?  They haven’t shown up for a while, but here they are.  Still around.  Still… doing things.

Like inadvertently showing up in time to diffuse a fight before anyone could get seriously injured.  Yay for those guys.  (And with their purpose fulfilled, awaaay they go!)

But oh man.  Being a bit more serious, I’m really looking forward to the next few pages.  This is a scene I’ve had in mind for a long time (I’ll talk more about that on Patreon in a few weeks, when what I want to talk about won’t be spoilery) and I’m excited to finally get to it.  And ooo~ I get to add a new character to the cast page soon!  *rubs hands in anticipation*

Oh, also – I didn’t have time to get a fresh vote incentive done, but please re-enjoy this seasonally appropriate drawing as a reminder to vote!