Many thoughts are going through Kiva’s head right now:
“Oh no, not another relentlessly upbeat guy.  I already have Ten.  Ten is enough.”
“Why is he so upbeat?  I’m being angry and loud right in his face.”
“… Am I losing my touch?”
“No.  No, I’m still intimidating.  I just keep finding people with broken fear responses.”
“Like I’m some sort of magnet for fearless weirdos.”
“… At this rate I’ll have a whole pack of them by the time I graduate.”

And finally!  We have Raj!

He’s been added to the cast page, and in a pretty prominent spot too.  Almost like he’s an important character or something. 😉

This week’s vote incentive is a little preview of this month’s exclusive Patreon desktop.  The twins won the vote pretty solidly, so have some happy frolicking boys.  (The finished image will be on Patreon late Monday – I’m taking my sweet time fiddling with the color splashes.)  Nevermind!  I got it done tonight!  The desktop (and all previous Patreon desktops) are available to $10+ Patrons.  Cut down phone backgrounds will be available for everyone though.  🙂

Also, speaking of Patreon, if you’re a $5+ patron and still haven’t messaged me with your shipping info, please do at your earliest convenience!  I’m expecting the printer to send me the charms this week or early next week, so they’ll be ready to go out soon!

Aaand finally, for those of you who follow me on Tumblr, I finally got around to tagging things correctly, so you can easily sift comic-related things out of all the other stuff I post.  Particularly the World Building Wednesday talk, and my art.  Woo!